5 Tips for Moving House for New Homeowners

31st July

If you are a first-time buyer and you are starting to make plans for the big move, take the stress away with our simple 5 steps to help you get through it with minimal worry!

First of all, congratulations on getting on the ladder! Whilst your moving day might feel like a long way away, it’s never too early to start planning the move, the unpacking and the settling in. Here at Morris Armitage, we’ve got you covered with our 5 simple steps for moving success! 

1. Prepare

Never underestimate the time it takes to move house. If you’ve packed your bedroom up for University, you may remember how long that took. But moving into a full new house is a whole different story.

Start collecting cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes, we promise you, you’ll find a use for them all as soon as you start packing everything away.

There’s probably a lot you can start packing way before you move like cookery books, Christmas decorations, gardening equipment and any sentimental ornaments. Plastic storage boxes and bin bags make great options for packing these bits away as soon as possible.

Label as you go with what you are packing – you’ll thank yourself later!

You may also want to consider packing a small suitcase with all the essentials you’ll need straight away like clothes, tea, coffee, toothbrush and toiletries and toilet roll!

2. Buying the big stuff

Whilst we wouldn’t suggest that you buy everything new for your house before your actually in it, buying the big items such as Wardrobes, Sofas and Beds are essential f your not bringing these items with you. These can take weeks, even months for delivery. Arranging well in advance means you can time it with your move perfectly and will avoid you feeling like you’ve got nowhere to sit or sleep when your first move in.

Just remember to take all your measurements in your new house before ordering!

3. Never under-estimate how much you have!

We’ve all been there, looking at a sea of boxes wondering how we’ve accumulated so many things in our lives that need moving. Don’t rely on a few trips in the car. Pre-book the rental of a large van with tail lift capabilities, or better still, hire a removals company to do this for you.

4. Get ready to clean

When you first step foot in your new property, don’t be alarmed! You most likely won’t be walking into a gleamingly clean house and instead will be presented with stains on carpets you didn’t realise were once there, dust, grime and paint chips. But don’t despair! Arm yourself with rubber gloves, bin liners, mops and sponges and get ready to put into some elbow grease!

5. Meet the neighbours

Once you’ve begun settling in, make a good first impression by introducing yourself to your new neighbours. This way you can let them know about any banging and crashing they may hear if you’ve booked in any building work.

And finally – enjoy your new home! It’s a huge achievement and joy picking up the keys to your first property so most importantly, remember to stop and enjoy it! You’ll look back at this time with fond memories!

If you’ve not yet found your dream first home, let Morris Armitage help you find the best house for the next chapter in your life!

5 Tips for Moving House for New Homeowners
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5 Tips for Moving House for New Homeowners

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