Meet James Armitage

28th October

James Armitage is co-founder and managing director of Morris Armitage. James’ passion to succeed and his dedicated work ethic plays a key part in driving the Morris Armitage team forward. James has shared what it’s like to set up a business and grow it to success.

“Before we established Morris Armitage, I used to work for a mixture of independent and national estate agencies and it wasn’t until I met Simon Morris, that we decided to form a partnership within the industry. When working together in Cambridge, we recognised we had very similar views on how we could shake up the industry. And in 2002, Morris Armitage was born.

When setting up the business, we came across a number of challenges. It’s a very competitive industry so it takes time to build a strong reputation in a new area. Despite this, we’ve had a considered growth across the region, opening six offices in the last 13 years. The public has responded so positively to the business which shows we’re doing something right!

As well as of running the business with Simon, I manage the Downham Market office. Each day starts with a team meeting. The team and I discuss any areas that need specific attention and we allocate the daily tasks ahead. I will then carry out valuations, promote our new properties and progress sales that are already underway.

Over the years, we’ve taken great care to make sure we’re building a team of talented people. Our staff are hard working, honest and respectful of colleagues and customers. I feel proud of our team every day and it’s their determined and progressive mentality that makes Morris Armitage so special.

One of the reasons why I love my job is our ability to change someone’s life. It’s extremely satisfying when a sale is confirmed or when we find a buyer for one of our properties that they’ll call home for the rest of their life.

Outside of the business, I’ve always had dreams of owning a property in Cork city – it has to be one of my favourite places in the world. I love the friendliness of the people in the city and of course the live music, Irish dancers and whisky!”

If you’d like to book a valuation with the team at Morris Armitage or meet the people that make the business so special, get in touch by visiting our contact page here.

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