Morris Armitage Has Expanded

27th June

Morris Armitage is delighted to announce the team has recently expanded.

The Burwell sales team would like to welcome Rachel Marks, who has joined as a Sales Administrator. Rachel will be working alongside Director, Nick Plumb, and will assisting in all sales matters.

The Newmarket sales team would also like to welcome Dan Driver. Dan has previously worked within the increasingly busy rentals department. So, although not completely new to Morris Armitage Dan will prove to be a continued valuable member of the team.

Due to Dan’s recent departure for the rentals team, Morris Armitage would now like to welcome Terry Lockwood. Terry will be working alongside and supporting the Rentals Manager. The role will include, but will not be limited to, assisting in the viewing, general rental enquires and maintenance issues.

Everyone at Morris Armitage would like to wish all individuals the best of luck in their new roles.

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