Top tips for selling your house

25th October

Are you looking to get your house on the market this summer? If so, the team at Morris Armitage are here to help! Our expert team have put together the best advice for selling your home. These little changes will make a world of difference and hopefully get you that offer you were hoping for.


Use this as a tick list before viewings and you will be well on your way to your next home.


1. First impressions are key. When the viewer arrives at your house you want them to be excited. Simple touches like giving your door a fresh lick of paint or a new clean doormat can make all the difference. Also if you have a front garden, nice flowers and a mowed lawn will vastly improve the look of the front of the house.


2. Enlighten me. Having a lot of light in a room will make it look a lot bigger. For the rooms that don’t have much natural lighting, ensure that your light bulbs are nice and bright. If not, investing in new ones is a small price to pay if it gets you an offer.


3. De-clutter. You want the viewer to imagine themselves living there, so put your excess storage away or see if someone will hold on to it for you during the viewing. Getting rid of clutter will make your rooms more spacious.


4. Pets. Some people really like pets but others don’t. To be on the safe side, see if you can get someone to look after them for you. Some people may pay more attention to your pet than the house or some could be allergic.


5. Be garden proud. It’s all well and good having a nice, clean house but when the viewer walks out side and they see an un-kept garden with overgrown bushes and loose concrete slabs they won’t be best pleased. The garden is a place for entertaining, so trim back those bushes, mow the lawn and possibly plant some flowers. Also inexpensive garden furniture will make it seem more homely.


6. Everyone is different. De-personalise your house, not everybody likes the same things as you. Take down any artwork, photos and make sure bedsheets are quite plain. The viewer imagining themselves living there is really what will sell the house.


7. Keep it clean. You would be very surprised how many sellers will do a quick clean before a viewing. Make sure your house is spotless before every viewing. The hard work and elbow grease will all be worth it.


8. Eliminate the odors. Cleaning your carpets and curtains will eliminate any cooking and pet smells. Also open the windows and let some fresh air in.


If you would like to speak to a member of our team about placing your house on the market, simply contact us at your local branch.

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