Understanding valuations

9th April

At Morris Armitage we’re valuation experts, surveying thousands of houses each year for our clients, across our locales. For first time sellers, you might wonder, what exactly are we looking for when working out a house’s worth?

There are many factors at play when valuing a property, but these can be split into two areas that cover a number of elements to ensure that a valuation is correct:

Property inspection specifics, such as:


  • Age of property
  • Size
  • Wear and tear
  • Fittings
  • Room layout
  • Electrics/heating
  • Storage
  • Structural improvements and extras

And General factors (geo/economical factors): Desirability and appearance Location Demand

So, on top of looking at your property’s current state, and the elements you may have added to your property, a surveyor will also look at house prices in the area, and how the neighbourhood is viewed, i.e. the attractiveness and appeal of the area. All these elements together will help us correctly value your property so you may place it onto the market.

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